Thursday, May 5, 2016

Song shares give you valuable—and free—brand impressions on Facebook

What if there was an app that promoted your bowling center every time someone requested a song? Introducing the myJAM social music jukebox.

Facebook is huge. You know this, and you know that chances are most of your customers are using it to some degree. You probably even use Facebook for marketing your bowling center—announcing specials or upcoming events, posting photos or videos, and so on. But have you ever thought about how your customers, by sharing what they’re doing to their Facebook network, could also help to promote your business?

To help us get a sense of how powerful Facebook can be, let’s take a look at some numbers. In its December 2015 usage figures, the social network reported a total of almost 1.6 billion users around the world—in other words, more than one out of every five people on the planet has a Facebook account. In the United States and Canada, 219 million people access Facebook at least once a month and, incredibly, 169 million of those users (or about 65%) access the site on a daily basis. An important side note to consider is that, according to Facebook itself, over time the percentage of users who visit the site at least once per day is increasing. In short, more people are using Facebook and doing it more often. So what does all this mean for your center?

The main takeaway has to be that Facebook is too big to ignore, and you need to make sure your strategy for using the power of social networking is well thought-out and is paying dividends back to your business. If you’ve done some serious marketing through Facebook, you’re aware of how their paid advertising model works, targeting users who are local to you with the advertising message you’ve developed. But how do you make sure you’re effectively targeting the right audience? With your Facebook advertising, it can be easy to end up with an ad that has a reach that’s too broad, with the result being a poor response rate and, ultimately, poor value for your social media advertising dollars.

Thisis where myJAM comes in. With myJAM, there’s now a way for you to enlist your customers to work as your brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your venue to their social networks in a manner that gives you more value than you’ll receive from just placing ads on Facebook.

When you enable access to myJAM in your music system, you can encourage your customers to download and use the myJAM app. Once they’ve done so, they can use it to “check in” to your center and make song requests—then share all of this with their Facebook social network. Keeping in mind that your customers’ social networks are, in general, going to be largely composed of people from the same demographic, this means that these Facebook shares are inherently targeted to potential customers very similar to the ones you already have. And not only that—when a customer uses myJAM to share on Facebook, that share is particularly valuable because it’s tied to a customer who is actively at your establishment right now.

As an example of how quickly this sharing can multiply, imagine that you receive 50 song requests through the myJAM app one typical evening, and then imagine that only half of those song requests are shared to individual customers’ Facebook networks. If each of those networks contains the statistical average of 250 friends, that works out to as many as 6250 Facebook views of the shares your customers made on that one night. Given the 2015 average cost of Facebook ad impressions at $5.99 per thousand, our example would result in a benefit to you of $37.44 in free Facebook advertising. Even if only half that number of friends saw the share in their News Feed, over the course of your busiest days (let’s say Thursday-Sunday), that’s almost $75 in brand impressions on Facebook that you didn’t need to lift a finger to make happen! This is the real power and value of myJAM.

As a bowling center owner, you want to get the best impact for your marketing dollars, while ensuring that your advertising is as targeted as possible. With myJAM, because your customers are making social networking shares organically, you’re able to increase the reach of your Facebook advertising while ensuring that it’s being precisely targeted—all at no cost to you. In short, if your venue isn’t currently using myJAM as part of your overall marketing strategy, you have to ask yourself: “Why not?”

Want to get started with myJAM? Contact us and we’ll take it from there!