Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bowling Music Network introduces 3 Adult Fun Leagues to Fill Your Second Shift

Your first shift leagues are thriving and you’ve got your basic competitive league night rituals down-pat. But what about those holes of time during the week that could use a little energy? Those dead hours don’t have to stay that way Bowling Music Network can help! With a little creativity, networking within your community and thinking beyond bowling you can transform quiet times into one of your most fun, profitable and desired hours.

Where to start?
  1. Your first step is to think beyond bowling. Are there any fun trends or popular attractions in your community that you could piggy-back on by incorporating into theme night?
  2. Try a new demographic. You’ve got your bowling center's target audience covered, but what about setting something up that interests a younger, older or different type of crowd?
  3. Partner with your community. Is there another business or organization that might be interested in co-hosting a new league, theme or event? Talk to neighboring businesses and brainstorm ideas that can elevate your marketing efforts and boost your bottom line.
Looking for more in-depth ideas and tips to help breathe life into your second shift? Search no further! Our friend and Bowling Music Network Subscriber Collin Kerschner knows what it takes to create a successful league. Collin was kind enough to share his secrets to success and three tried-and-true league themes in the free guide: 3 Adult Fun Leagues to Fill Your Second Shift