Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome your League bowlers back to the 2013 Fall Season!

 With the 2013 Fall Season on the approach and under way for some in the bowling industry, we have always felt it to be best practice to give Fall League bowlers a warm welcome back. Every year, we produce a new Audio + Video promotion for Bowling Music Network subscribers to do just this. Visit the 'Leagues' category of your Infotainment menu and show your customer appreciation and best wishes for the season today! Looking to schedule the message to automatically play? Watch our all new Player Version 9 Tutorial Video for some scheduling guidance:

Halloween Entertainment and Marketing for Bowling Centers

 Aren’t holidays great? Not only are they a lot of fun, but they also present unique marketing opportunities for your business. Since many bowling centers cater specifically to kids and their families, Halloween is the perfect occasion to generate traffic and sales. Need ideas on how to get started? Make your bowling center a spooktacular venue with tips from the ASG Bowl Blog: Whether you’re hosting a Halloween event or putting a Halloween twist on your open bowling times, the Bowling Music Network makes it easy for you to garner the Halloween spirit with Halloween-themed Music and Music-Video channels that roll out every year in mid-October. Play Novelty Dance tracks like ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Thriller’ to increase participation and take it a step further by hosting dance-offs among bowlers. And don’t forget to tell your bowlers about your Halloween event ahead of time! Share about your upcoming Halloween Party using our all new Audio + Video promotion (above) right from your Infotainment menu! Don't let your bowling center be a ghost this Halloween; give your bowlers a reason to visit your center this October for a ghoulishly good time!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In-Center Marketing That Sells!

We take pride in providing the bowling industry the most extensive library of “In Center” announcements and promotional videos. The exciting part, is that it’s provided at no additional charge to our subscribers. We continue to strive to increase the content to cover any profit center a bowling center decides to pursue. We are in the process of releasing a new and exciting themed promotional category. This series will be our best yet, featuring effective, fun animated videos with industry leading voice talent.

Effective In-Center marketing must:

- Be fun and entertaining
- Be professionally produced
- Be to the point
- Create a sense of urgency
- Be demographically appropriate
- Be targeted to the current customer 

A wise business associate once told me that you shouldn’t try sell ice to an Eskimo. But, if you are going to try, it better be good ice.

Our goal is to assist our customers with enhancing their customer’s experience at the bowling center by introducing additional fun products and services. When it comes to fun, no one delivers like your local bowling center.

We have over 350 announcements in 18 different categories that can be scheduled to play when you want them to be played. Hundreds of bowling centers utilize these every day. Let’s put them to work for you too!

If you have an idea for a product or service to promote at a bowling center, I’d love to hear it. E-mail I look forward to hearing from you soon!

What do you do?

People often say to me: So, what is it that you actually do?

They find it difficult to understand when I say that we create positive, energetic reactions. I guess it would be easier to understand if I said we provide music and music-video services to bowling centers throughout North America. Maybe it would make more sense if I said: we develop a leading edge web based software that schedules music/video programming and promotional announcements for businesses.

The fact is, that’s how we do it. What we do is make people jump, smile, dance, high five, eat, drink and be merry.

We always make it a point for every member of our team to understand that our customers do not subscribe to music programs, a web site, an interface, promotional announcements, the latest music video’s or industry leading customer service. They subscribe to their customer’s reaction to the delivery of all of the above. If the reaction is not making people jump, smile, dance, high five, eat, drink and be merry, we are not delivering value to our subscriber’s business.

Nobody delivers this value better than the Bowling Music Network. That is why we are the fastest growing service in the industry. It’s what we do!

What does your music service provider do?

-Jim Juniper, Partner & Sales Director.