Thursday, December 12, 2013

Daytime NYE Parties made easy with Bowling Music!

New Year's Eve doesn't have to be just for grown-ups. Give your bowlers the chance to celebrate with their young ones and a reason to forego 'staying in with the kids' by hosting kid-friendly daytime NYE parties in addition to your traditional Midnight bash. Add some appeal and excitement by offering unlimited bowling for the duration of the party at a reduced price, non-alcoholic specialty drinks for the kids, food specials and complimentary party favors.

With the help of our MOM-Approved Music and Music Videos, Simulated/Mock countdowns and Audio + Video promotions leading up to the big event, the Bowling Music Network makes it easier than ever to appeal to both the early and late night crowds on New Year's Eve. Visit your Infotainment menu and tell bowlers about your upcoming Daytime NYE parties and schedule one of our Simulated Countdowns to play when you plan on ringing in the 'Noon' year. The little ones will enjoy taking part in the celebration and they'll still make it home well before bedtime which will be music to Mom's ears.

For assistance in scheduling NYE programming, please contact Meaghan Alexander at 1-866-684-8324 ext. 244.

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