Thursday, October 24, 2013

Black Friday Bowling: The Safe & Fun alternative to Shopping

Total Black Friday sales and shoppers may be on the rise but some Americans are opting for lower key Black Friday activities that don't involve large crowds, long lines and deep holes in their wallets. With the recent advent of violent Black Friday acts and concerns about the tarnishing of Thanksgiving, it's not hard to see why.

Appeal to the non-shoppers this Black Friday and offer "doorcrashing" Black Friday specials on bowling. With more and more consumers scouting Black Friday deals online and on social media sites, be sure to get the word out on your website, Facebook and Twitter pages and utilize the hashtag #blackfriday. Take it one step further by making bowling deals sweeter for your valued customers: provide exclusive discounts to e-mail subscribers.

Be sure to market in-center too. Visit the Infotainment menu of your Bowling Music Player and play our Audio + Video 'Black Friday' promotion today:

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