Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Turkey, stuffing, pie and bowling?

We've all been there. The whole family is over for Thanksgiving weekend and aside from the main feature, the big turkey dinner, you're left wondering what to do with all of your loved ones. Not surprisingly, in my searches of suggested Thanksgiving activities, bowling often appeared on the list. After all, it is one of few activities that doesn't depend on the weather and it's the perfect outlet for some friendly competition among relatives. I also came across stories of families who have made bowling a tradition every Thanksgiving weekend - a tradition that for some goes back 50 years and for others includes up to 40 people making a visit to their local bowling center. What does this mean for bowling proprietors? An opportunity to provide the venue for family bonding experiences.

If you plan on keeping your doors open on Thanksgiving, be sure to let your bowlers know and perhaps they'll start a family tradition of their own. Make it more interesting by introducing a Thanksgiving weekend special. Head to the Infotainment menu of your Bowling Music Player and use our all new Audio + Video promotion today:

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